Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sony PRS 505 and the electronic ink market

watchThe third product in a new category is always a remarkable event. Such is the case with Sony:
The Librié, first e-reader based on electronic ink from E Ink, offered all of today's dream functions: reading of RSS feeds or of print driver output on a PC, PDF, dictionary, keyboard for typing notes. The second product, the PRS 500, seems to have been the outcome of a focus group, for example the joystick (who would read Hemingway with such an interface?!), the too numerous buttons, the poor battery. The third product, just announced, the PRS 505, corrects many of the limitations of its predecessor and is positioned as a mature reader. Above all, it comes with more content and a broader agreement with Borders. But it must ensure continuity with the previous e-reader, and more importantly, it seeks to target the book market frontally, without making full use of the capabilities of this new medium. Is that really a good idea? We'll see.
Between the first and the third attempt, a major phenomenon went almost unnoticed: electronic ink, paper, newspapers and soon books have become a reality that can't be ignored! It's worth following very closely...

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