Saturday, October 27, 2007

Education and electronic paper in France

After an evaluation of the different digital technologies, Xavier Darcos, the Minister of Education in France, has decided that devices based on electronic ink will be experimented as of the back-to-school period in September 2008.
As part of this evaluation, we’d prepared a presentation of the evolution perspectives of inks and substrates, and of their applications; we’d also prepared samples of meaningful content, a play (to read or listen to) and examples of geometry animations.
In 1501, the transportable book was invented in order to provide students with the course material they were lacking (teachers themselves rarely had access to books!). Today, with the objective of making schoolbags lighter, there’s a fantastic opportunity to imagine applications of this new medium for access to knowledge and its diffusion.
Thus France is joining countries, such as China, that are making this new technology a major challenge for education and the sharing of knowledge.
Read the press release (in French)...


Alexander said...

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j.catapano said...

This epaper and e-ink technology is blowing my mind. The future is going to be pretty damn cool--

-Jared J. H. Catapano

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